Basics of Writing a Children's Book (Write your Best Children's Book series)

A FREE course with veteran children's book author, Carol Mitchell, to guide you in writing your best children's book. Learn best practices and more.

Carol Mitchell

I am the author of 18 books for children. Fifteen of these were published by CaribbeanReads. My YA novel, Barberry Hill, was short-listed for the Burt Award for Caribbean Literature and my last three children's books were published by HarperCollins UK. I took the long road, spending thousands of dollars developing my writing skills. I graduated with a Masters in Fine Arts in Fiction Writing and achieved certifications in editing. I have taught creative writing at the University level and supported many students and clients in their writing, and learned by experience through my own writing. But with the writing courses I offer here, you don’t have to follow that long and expensive route.

Course Summary

 in this free, one-hour course, Basics of Writing Children's Books, I introduce you to the most important considerations when you’re thinking about writing for children, teach some best practices for writing the book itself, and add notes on how to polish your work before you send it out into the world.

Course Curriculum

Heidi Fagerberg

Author and Educator

“Working with Carol has been such a great experience for me. She has helped me with all of my books (7). As a writer I have grown from her expertise, learning how to check for flow of the story, when to let go of something that is not working in the story, and polishing the story to ensure there are no mistakes.” – Heidi Fagerberg, author and educator.

Derry Sandy


Carol helped me develop an appreciation for including the "how's and why's" of a character's decision metrics. She helped me to view my writing dispassionately, allowing me to cut out "fluff" sentences, paragraphs, and characters. Her advice will improve your writing.

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