Why You Should Start a Blog

Nerissa Golden shares why this is a great time to start a blog and how to access Truly Caribbean Academy's free Blogging for Business course.

When I began blogging in 2000, I was a young mom trying my hand at entrepreneurship.

There wasn't much information online about what Caribbean people should be doing to start a business and so I set out to fill the gap. I shared what I was learning and how it was enabling me to spend more time with my little girl. I'd always envisioned a life with my children around me and entrepreneurship seemed the best path to this. 

Blogging made the difference. As I am a writer, being able to tell my story and inspire others was a way to keep my hopes up and I found it an empowering way to continue to create even as I waited to hear back about projects I'd bid for.

Blogging is an essential tool for aspiring thought leaders. If you are a consultant who is working to build a portfolio of work and to let people know about your expertise, you should be blogging.

All that Info for FREE?

Blogging to many seems counterintuitive. How do I give you information for free when I want you to pay me for it? In order for people to trust you as the leader and expert they should rely on to help them with their problem, they must see evidence of your work and your process. Blogging is a way that you can take us into your world, show us how and why and when your expertise is necessary.

People do business with those they know, like and trust. Blogging can create a consistent pathway for others to get to know you and learn to trust your capacity to execute on their behalf.

What If I'm Not a Good Writer?

Are you a good speaker or researcher?

You can focus on the parts of the process you do well and outsource the rest. There are writers who can produce your blog posts based on the ideas and research you have collected. What is most important, is to begin to generate content consistently about your expertise.

Still not convinced, take our Blogging for Business course and learn how to set up your blog, find ideas to blog about and how to promote to your ideal audience.

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