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Learn why we created Truly Caribbean Academy and how you can leverage it to build your business and network.

Truly Caribbean Academy exists for three reasons. We want to help you start a business with the correct foundation, grow the business in a fast-paced and digital world, and thrive as an entrepreneur in every area of your life.

You will hear us talk a lot about impact because we believe that being an entrepreneur is not just about making money. Money enables us to improve and change our lives, our communities, and allow us to have more fun and freedom. 

TCA Founder, Nerissa Golden
TCA Founder, Nerissa Golden

As the founder, I have been dreaming of how to create a space where I can teach more people, build a community that the members can leverage, and find the entrepreneurs with amazing stories to tell.

It was important that we build a platform which we control and not limited to the algorithms or rules of others. In this space we can chat in real time, host live conferences and you can take online courses at your own pace.

Visit the courses tab to view upcoming courses both free and paid. A course on writing a children's book with the guidance from one of my favorite authors is coming in June, so look out for that.

Check the blog weekly for updates and other tips you can use. My dream is that this blog will someday soon feature your story. We want to celebrate and support you as you grow.

I hope you will find this space both refreshing and inspiring. We are open to improving and stay tuned to learn how you can become one of our featured instructors to help us add a cross-section of courses to the curriculum, which will be valuable to the community.

I am excited to get to know you and serve you anyway I can.

Wishing you success.

Nerissa, Founder of Truly Caribbean Academy

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