We Made History

Find out what our students had to say about our first live course here at Truly Caribbean Academy.

Congratulations you have completed the first course offered at Truly Caribbean Academy

It was pretty awesome when I arrived at this slide during my first Content Creation Boot Camp on Saturday, May 22. 

For four hours, I worked with nine women from around the region on content creation and transforming our thinking around sales and becoming move visible online.

One of the most powerful things about creating Truly Caribbean Academy is that I am no longer limited by location. I can teach from anywhere. It also means that students benefit from the expertise of everyone in a live class, not just my own. It really is about community and supporting each other to be their best.

Saturday mornings for women are usually very busy even in a pandemic. That's why it meant so much when women from The Bahamas, Trinidad & Tobago, Montserrat, Grenada and Dominica joined the session.

Sara Bernard of Smart Kids Club of Trinidad & Tobago left the following message for us in the community. "Thank you for hosting this session Nerissa.  I ❤️ how you systematically took us from creating our customer profiles to creating the customer journey then creating our content based on the customer journey. I think I've just been trying to create content out of thin air! I also appreciated the real-life examples of how to build the customer journey. This has been invaluable. Thank you. Definitely a must-attend boot-camp for all entrepreneurs. 👍"

Boot camp participants
Screenshot of our history-making class at Content Creation Boot Camp.

We are already making tweaks to the course and the second cohort will get to enjoy the changes. The course includes an assessment of your business, the products you already offer and a digital audit before we even get down to content creation.

Please join us if you are ready to show up more effectively online. We don't want you to waste more time wondering which platform you should be on and whether you have the time or don't know what to say. We tackle all of that during Boot Camp.

The second edition of Content Creation Boot Camp is on June 5, 2021. It is not restricted to women only. See you there.

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